Let's Ciao Down!

Italian Inspired Microgreens

Here’s a New 5-Second Rule! Sprinkle on these organic microgreens to boost the flavor all of your Italian faves! The pizza and pastabilities are endless. Perfect with spiralized veggie as well as with a traditional classic like a meatball marinara sandwich.

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are baby greens only 7-14 days old. Why do we harvest them so young? When they are harvested that young, all of the flavor potential of that plant is condensed into the young microgreen. This means you get a TON of flavor in the smallest tiny green! Talk about bang for your buck!”

  • It’s Organic—and free from all of the nasty stuff.
  • Sold at the peak of freshness. Our microgreens are grown and sold to be used right away for the best flavor.
  • Selected for outstanding flavor, the varieties we grow give the best flavor to your cooking.

Spaghetti and pizza night just got a reboot!

USDA Organic Certified Non-GMO

Our microgreens are happiest inside their package, hanging out in your refrigerator drawer.

Have extra microgreens? No problem. Try these fresh ideas for how to use it quickly.”

  1. Try adding microgreens to your morning smoothie!
  2. Pack your lunch for work or school? Top your sandwich or salad!