Local Organic Lettuces

Crispy, crunchy texture, and BIG flavor in every bite

USDA Organic Certified Non-GMO

We are proud to introduce That’s Tasty™ brand local organic lettuces!
This new line includes a variety of popular fresh lettuces, including Romaine, Iceberg, red and green leaf duos, and whole leaf filets, with additional selections to follow soon!

Local. Organic. Affordable. Sustainable.
These products are all USDA certified organic and grown indoors at our Elkwood Virginia BioFarm so they are affordable too. Our BioFarms are environmentally friendly, conserve water and land, reduce food travel miles, and follow sustainable growing practices with no GMOs or harmful chemicals used.

These lettuces will be available locally in the Mid -Atlantic area beginning in October 2019. Over the coming months, we will be expanding this model across the country with additional next generation BioFarms, to bring pure organic flavor™ to everyone!

Classic Crunch Iceberg

5oz clamshells

Crunchy & Sweet Romaine

5oz clamshells

Heirloom Crunch

5oz clamshells

Super CrispFilets

5oz clamshells

Sweet Greens Duo

5oz clamshells

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